Pro-Tech-It Magnetic Car Cover

Tired of the hassle and expense of those adhesive collision wraps?  Our patent pending Pro-Tech-It magnetic car covers are the answer to your problem.  Made of a heavy duty clear vinyl the Pro-Tech-It car cover attaches to the vehicle via strong magnets.  This allows you to install, remove, and reinstall the Pro-Tech-It car cover again and again.  Best of all, being our covers are clear you can enter a vehicle with the cover still installed and drive it safely into your shop all while keeping the interior of the vehicle protected from the elements. 

Our Pro-Tech-It car cover also is going to be a must have for your body technicians as well, because you can easily protect the interior of a vehicle from dust and debris while doing repairs by installing the cover over any openings near the repair areas.  The Pro-Tech-It car cover will save your technicians time as well, because there will no longer be the need to have two people to cover and protect a vehicle.  One person can easily install and remove the Pro-Tech-It car cover by themselves.  Other benifits include:

  • 54''x54'' size covers nearly any opening.
  • No metal? No problem, every cover has two suction cups to hold the cover to non-metallic parts like windshields and backglasses.
  • Heavy duty construction material means Pro-Tech-It is built to last.
  • Built to withstand temperatures down to -20F!
  • Easy clean-up.  If Pro-Tech-It ever gets dirty just take a damp cloth and wipe it clean!
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Will save you time.
  • Most importantly Pro-Tech-It will save you MONEY! (Do the math! See how much you are spending each month on other non-reuseable collision covers!) 

Watch our video below!

Pro-Tech-It Magnetic Car Cover
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